Frequently Asked Questions for Condominium Unit Enrolments

1. I'm trying to register, but it tells me that my enrolment number can't be found. What does that mean?
Separate enrolment numbers are assigned for both the individual unit and common elements. Please ensure that you are using the correct enrolment number. If you continue to receive an error message, please contact Tarion by e-mail or by telephone.
2. I'm trying to register, but it tells me that the Warranty Start Date I'm entering doesn?t match the one in your files.
The Warranty Start Date Tarion has on file matches the registration date indicated on your Declaration and Description or Amendment to the Declaration.If this date is not allowing you to register with MyHome, please contact us.
3. Is the MyHome registration process the same for homeowners and Condominium Corporations?
No; the registration process requires a bit more information. To create a MyHome for Common Elements account visit Tarion.com and click "Register forMyHome". Once you select "Register Now" you will be prompted for the enrolment type. Select the condominium corporation designate representative option and begin filling out the online application. After you submit your online registration application, you will be required to mail an original Appointment of Designate Form for Condominium Corporation to Tarion. Tarion will then review the application and once approved, provide you with a temporary password to access MyHome.
4. Can more than one condominium project and/or phase be managed from a single MyHome account?
MyHome currently does not allow designates to manage more than one enrolment from a single account. A separate MyHome account must be created for each condominium project and/or phase.
5. My e-mail address has changed. How can I change it in my MyHome account?
In the "Your Profile" section of your account, you are able to edit your e-mail address and other contact information. Please remember to save any changes you make.
6. I have forgotten my User ID and/or Password. How can I retrieve this information?
You can use the "Forgot Your User Id" and "Forgot Your Password" tools located on the MyHome Login page. If you still can?t retrieve your User ID and/or Password, please contact us.
7. Can a conciliation inspection for the common elements be requested through MyHome?
This function is currently not available on MyHome. Conciliation inspections should be requested to Tarion in writing.
8. Can unit defects be reported under the common elements warranty?
Unit defects are not covered under the common elements warranty. Even if a unit concern is identified in the Performance Audit/Statutory Warranty Form, it must be reported to Tarion in writing by the individual unit owner within the unit?s applicable warranty period.
Condominium Corporations should refer to Schedule 'C' of the Declaration to for confirmation of the boundary between the unit and the common elements.
9. What happens if the original Board Appointed Designate is no longer with the condominium project?
The Condominium Board must notify Tarion that the appointed designate is no longer active, at which point Tarion will deactivate the account until a new designate is appointed. Access to MyHome for that designate will no longer be available.
10. What is the process for providing access to a new designate on MyHome?
The Condominium Board President must inform Tarion in writing of a change in designate for the condominium project. The new designate must complete a new MyHome registration application and submit a new Appointment of Designate Form in order to receive access. A copy of the Appointment of Designate Form for Condominium Corporations is available here
11. What is Builder Bulletin 49?
Builder Bulletin 49 (BB49) outlines Tarion's customer service standard for residential condominium common elements warranty claims. BB49 sets out a process for condominium corporations to submit statutory warranty claims for common elements, establishes timelines within which builders must respond to and resolve claims, and describes the role of Tarion in the process.
12. What is a Performance Audit Tracking Summary (PATS)
The Performance Audit Tracking Summary (PATS) is a tool that vendors, owners and Tarion use to track the status and resolution of warranty claims documented in a performance audit. Under Tarion's BB49, a completed PATS is required to be submitted with every performance audit.
13. How can I obtain a soft copy of the Performance Audit Tracking Summary (PATS)?
You may open or save the PATS template by clicking here. If you choose to "open" this document, you may be prompted to add a password. Please click the cancel button twice and the document will open. It is recommended that you select "Save As", and resave this document to your own desktop for future use. Please be sure to take full advantage of updating your PATS through the CE Performance Audit Tracking Summary ("CE PATS") available on MyHome.
14. What is the CE PATS?
The CE PATS is a new service that gives Condominium Corporation and Builder representatives convenient, online access to the Performance Audit Tracking Summary (PATS) through MyHome. The CE PATS provides both parties with an easy and secure way to keep the PATS updated on the status of warranty repairs.
15. When would I use the CE PATS?
Under BB49, when you submit a complaint, a PATS must also be submitted. If you request it, Tarion can do the initial PATS upload on your behalf. The Condo Corporation and their builder would then be responsible for keeping their PATS updated.
16. What are the technical requirements to access the CE PATS?
The minimum requirements to use the CE PATS are Internet Explorer 10 or higher, Firefox, or Google Chrome.
17. How do I log on to the CE PATS?
You can log on to the CE PATS through MyHome by clicking on the CE PATS link on the left side of the MyHome home page.
18. How do I view the version history of items on the CE PATS?
Track changes are enabled to ensure all user activity is logged with a date and time. Changes (updates) to the PATS are sent via email weekly. These changes are also visible to everyone through version history.
19. Can I print the PATS list from the CE PATS?
You cannot print the PATS directly from the web browser. However, you can print your PATS by exporting it to Excel; click the "Export Form" icon. This will open the PATS in Excel, which allows you to format and print it.